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Assalamualaikum , Exusme gan .Orgoogle will posting about gotten money with ziddu method 2 .The method is very simple better than method 1 and nothing upload,download , and share .The method 2 very simple and you can get much money better than method 1 .You can get a number of money zero comma zero one dollar or ( $0.1) .so you will can get the money if there is a people or many people register in your link of ziddu .so every register you can get $0.1 but don't try you register alone (register in same IP) SO just other people may .The method 2 is called refferal you know .this is general Certain . I am sorry orgoogle very long setence . OK direct to TKP you must

  1. Mendaftar di ziddu
  2. AND THEN YOU invite YOUR FREINDS WITH THROUGH YOUR BLOG .so your freinds will click and registered or through the faceboo
for example you must register with klik the image below you confuse .don't worry I have solusion Give you how to refferal ziddu and how to hack zidduthis is the link to download : register in this

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